Sunday, July 18, 2010


KAMCO MUSIC is proud to announce that the 2nd "demo cassette" EP release from singer-songwriter Kevin Mathews is available now at Bandcamp for download FREE! Called the Silver EP, the release contains four new tracks (mostly written in 2010) and an updated version of the 1992 "protest" song, The High Cost of Living, dubbed The High Cost of 2010.

The four new tracks are: - 

A bouncing rockabilly number that continues Mathews' love affair with country-folk music. Generally a melancholy rumination of life and loss, it's probably largely influenced by Dylan's classic 60s country album viz. John Wesley Harding.

Liars in Love
Originally intended for an EP by a local singer and partly inspired after Mathews listened to the new Boyzone album (!). The title concept was "borrowed" from Jackson Browne's seminal Lawyers in Love LP and a humorous moment from the Jim Carrey movie, Liar Liar. 

Beyond the Ashes
The most personal song on the EP, this track was written a couple of years ago, inspired by the painful experience of a breakdown in a relationship. More of a stepping stone than a journal entry, Beyond the Ashes is the sound of a heart breaking into a million pieces.

An experiment to write a simple melodic pop tune ala Jack Johnson ends up being Edge. The title is an exercise in irony cos there is no edginess about the song at all, as it attempts to find popularity in the banal. Would be a #1 hit if sung by a young surfer dude or a bikini-clad chick. Or maybe not.

You might say that the Silver EP is a conceptual treatise about growing old. There's no escaping the passage of time and all that jazz. Well, it could have very well have been called the Gray EP but Silver reads so much more classier and sophisticated. We hope so anyway. 

Whatever. Go and download your copy of the Silver EP now at

Please let us have your comments on the Silver EP here.

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