Friday, May 6, 2011

Narisa Chan @ Black

KAMCO Music made its debut at Black Cafe when Narisa played two sets on Thursday, 5th Jan. Here's her account of what went on...

There wasn't really anyone around so I just messed around. Hurhur. Everything was really muffled. I dunno whether it was the mega-cheapo quarter-inch cable I'd bought the day before or the system itself though.

Arrived about 5.30pm. Chatted with Rachael (Teo). She said the manager was sick so she was covering for her and was really tired since she'd been there pre-sunrise. Got some Earl Grey. Soundchecked with 1st verse and chorus of Jeff Buckley's Hallelujah which Rachael begged me to play but I didn't have the lyrics. She also begged me to play Fight. but I don't like mixing covers and originals and in any case, I didn't bring my guitar. 


Follow you into the dark-Gavin Mikhail
Vincent-Don Mclean 
Stop crying your heart out (the Leona Lewis version)
Someone to watch over me (old 50's/60's era song)
Side by side (old 50's/60's era song)
Daughters-John Mayer
Cruising down the river-(old 50's/60's era song)

Shadow of the day-Linkin Park (This was actually in my 1st set list but I accidentally over looked it)
Smoke gets in your eyes-from the musical Roberta (This was actually in my 1st set list but I accidentally over looked it)
In your eyes-Kylie Monogue (coz her concert is coming)
Mr Sandman-The chordettes (old 50's/60's era song)
Built to last-Melee
Eye of the tiger-Survivor (In the spirit of the election and parties and candidates fighting for votes. I was gonna do The Final Countdown by Europe but after a while I realised it was abit too difficult for me to do alone. heh)
Days Gone by-Gavin Mikhail
Top of the World-Carpenters
Into the West-Annie Lennox (from the soundtrack of The Lord of the Rings:The return of the King)

The songs I'll be playing with Suzan will be completely different. I thought since I was going solo yesterday I could do whatever songs I wanted. haha. 

Catch Narisa & Suzan at Black on 12th, 19th & 26th from 6pm!

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