Though she grew up on a diet of classical music, and Disney soundtracks, Singapore singer-songwriter Lydia Low enjoys writing and playing anything from Rock to Rhythm & Blues. She has been a featured artist at Stageout, a monthly event held at Grid, *SCAPE and was also a regular performer at China One, Clarke Quay. When playing, she sings, plays the acoustic guitar, and throws in the occasional tambourine and loop pedal.

Lydia dabbled a little into classical guitar, but the minute she saw a live performance by KT Tunstall on youtube, she was sold. Since then she has kicked her mild, choir-girl voice and frozen elbows into the performer you now see, hear, and hopefully laugh with today with a repertoire that goes from trashy dance numbers, to odd little attempts at rock, to her pick & mix originals.

As a songwriter, her main influences are KT Tunstall, Laura Marling, and the various other loud bands that populate her playlists. She writes what she calls 'pocket-sized songs', songs based on all the little things that have enriched, and battered her heart along the way. Her songs contain nuggets of herself so if you know her songs, you know her.

She wishes to someday walk into a CD store, and see a stranger picking her album off the shelf. She also dreams of having a fairly sizable gig, in which a fairly sizable bunch of people happily sing her songs back to her.